Who’s Mrs. Martens?


I am a teacher at Devon Aire K-8 Center, and I’m eager to provide all of my students with a fun-filled learning experience.  Currently, I’m a fifth grade language arts/reading teacher, and have worked primarily with middle school students for the past 18 years. I attended the University of Florida where I earned a Bachelors in English. Then, I graduated with my Masters Degree in Secondary English Education from Florida International University in 1998.

I enjoy creating engaging lessons that will capture my students’ attention, while maintaining classroom structure.  I stress the importance of respect and kindness inside and outside of the classroom because students SHOULD feel safe and secure in their educational surroundings.  School is their home away from home!

A bit about me…

Devon Aire: I love teaching because I learn from my students and colleagues every day! Devon Aire is the BEST school I’ve worked at so far; hence, I plan to retire here.

Education: Teaching is my passion! I enjoy being a teacher, and I feel that if a teacher wants to be effective they need to constantly learn new strategies to implement in the classroom. I pride myself on becoming a better teacher every day. Reflection, I believe, is the key to self-improvement.

Family:  In addition to teaching in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter. My daughter is a third grader at at DAK-8 and her teachers have made huge impact for her. I am so proud that she is starting her educational journey at the same school I attended back in 1979!

The Arts: I am a former dancer who loves and appreciates various styles of dance. A dream of mine would be to take dance classes during my spare time, but that isn’t an option at the moment.  Contemporary and hip hop dance are my favorite genres of dance.  As a matter of fact, I really enjoy watching the T.V. show “So You Think I Can Dance” because it brings back such emotional memories of my time practicing and performing  dance routines.

Outside: One of my favorite things about Miami is being outdoors. I love the paddle boarding on the beach, the pool and riding my bike with my family.

Music (listening): I definitely have eclectic taste in music. I pretty much love every type of music except reggaeton. Currently, my favorite musicians/bands are Coldplay, Empire of the Sun and Chvches.

Free time: Exercise makes me feel whole and compete physically and emotionally.  After a really long and exhausting day at work, believe it or not, exercise makes me feel better.

Food: Eating is another favorite pastime of mine.  My favorite food is Vietnamese, Japanese, and Thai.  My husband, who is a former chef, pampers me with fabulous dinners several times a week. =)

Travel: One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me as a child/teen was the gift of travel.  The trips I went on with them around the world were so instrumental to my success in school, but I wasn’t one to appreciate it at the time.  Now as an adult, I value all of the educational experiences I’ve had and continue to have as an adult. I hope to one day give my daughter the same gift of travel.

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