Mrs. Martens’ Class Syllabus

Dear Fifth Grader,

As a mature 5th grader, you will be expected to follow all school rules, as well as our classroom rules, which are created to ensure a safe learning environment. We have approximately 240 minutes to accomplish our learning goals each day, therefore it is very important that you follow these rules so that no time is wasted. We expect nothing less than your personal best.


1. Follow all directions the first time they are given.
2. Be kind and respectful to all (including yourself). Keep your hands, feet, objects, and comments to yourself. Think of the way you like to be treated and follow the Golden Rule!
3. Be prepared for class each day with all supplies, homework, and a positive attitude.
4. Participation is required. This includes active listening, respectful speaking, and accurate note-taking.
5. Safety is a priority. Follow all procedures while in the classroom and during transitions.

*If you have any concerns or need to report an incident, feel free to speak with either
one of us.


Rewards: This may include positive notes home, free time, verbal praise, or a call home telling your parents how fabulous you are!

** Please note that field trip privileges will be rewarded to those who
continuously demonstrate appropriate behavior.


1st- Clip down
2nd- Clip down again
3rd- Parent Contact

** Behavior that causes severe disruption will be brought to the immediate attention of an administrator.


Entering the classroom in the morning:

1. Enter the room quickly and quietly.
2. Get ready for your day.
• have all supplies ready including sharpened pencils
• take out homework
• write home learning in your agenda
• submit In Box items
3. Begin ‘Do Now’ assignment


1. Put away all materials and clean up your personal area.
2. Line up quickly and quietly.
3. Walk in a single file line. This will avoid injuries and accidents
from occurring.
4. Show common courtesy and hold the door for the person behind you.

** Remember that when you are transitioning to your afternoon class,
the ‘Entering the classroom’ procedures
will be in effect.


1. The classroom teacher will dismiss you at the end of the day/period.


1. Follow rules given by the cafeteria staff.
2. Eat your own food.
3. When your teacher arrives, clean up your personal area quickly
and quietly.
4. Wait for the teacher’s hand signal to line up and exit.


School begins promptly at 8:25 a.m. All students arriving in their classroom
after 8:35 a.m. will need to stop by the front office to obtain a late pass.

Excessive tardies and absences will enter the MDCPS truancy system.
In the event of an excused absence, a note must be submitted to the
Teacher upon their return to school.

** Please note: All missing assignments are the student’s responsibility.


Agendas are an important communication tool. Homework is written daily
and it is your child’s responsibility to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

Home Learning Policy:

Home learning is assigned daily. According the Florida’s State Educational Law, students are required to read for 30 minutes per day. In addition, all 5th graders will be assigned 45-60 minutes of home learning per night.

Water Bottles:

We recommend bringing a filled water bottle from home each day. All water
bottles sent to school must be labeled with their full name. In addition, they
must be both shatter-proof and spill-proof.

** No carbonated beverages are allowed.

Using the Restroom:

You have an opportunity to use the restroom before school and before/after
lunch. Bathroom breaks are not permitted during lessons, unless it’s an
emergency. Please remember that frequent bathroom use disrupts the
learning environment. If you need to frequently use the restroom, please
have your parent or doctor provide a note.

Cell Phones:

As per MDCPS regulations, all electronic devices must be turned off and
secured out of sight during school hours. If seen or heard, the device will
immediately be turned in to administration and parents will need to come in
and retrieve it.

Suggested School Supplies:

Please replenish supplies as needed throughout the school year. Make sure all supplies are labeled with child’s name.

General supplies:
• 1 backpack (no rolling bags with wheels allowed)
• 4- plastic duo-tang folders with 3 prongs and 2 pockets
• #2 pencils with erasers
• Pencil sharpener with cover
• 2- red pens
• 1- pack of colored pencils/crayons
• glue stick
• erasers
• zippered supplies pouch
• 1- ruler (with inches and centimeters) & 1-protractor
• Lined notebook paper
• Mini- stapler
• Single hole puncher
• Small blunt scissors
• 2- thin dry erase markers (to use with our in class set of dry erase boards)
• 2- packs of post-its
• yellow highlighter
• 1- 1 & ½ binder with divider tabs (Refer to Binder Set Up)
• 2- Composition Books

The following items are greatly appreciated! All of the students will be able to use them in the classroom.
*White copy paper
* Tissues
*Cleaning Wipes
*Reams of pastel colored copy paper
Once again, we look forward to an amazingly successful year!

Mrs. Martens


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